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Our Teams

Last season our teams Competed in VEX VRC Spin Up in both the VEX provincial league as well as the London District Catholic School Board Robotics league, which is the first of it's kind in Ontario and possibly Canada. In the LDCSB Robotics league, two of our teams teamed up to capture the inaugural head-to-head league title. 

VEX Robotics Competition: Over Under | 2023 - 2024 Game


STA 1  - Team Lambda

Team 1 consisted of three grade 12 students, from left to right: Khoa Vinh Lai, Team Captain Cooper Hatfield, and Hadden Christ. They finished the LDCSB season as a member of the winning alliance capturing the school's first robotics banner.

STA 2 - Team Sigma

Team 2 consisted of 4 grade 12 students as well, from left to right: Cole Branston, Team Captain Ethan Greene, Jack Branston, and Meghan Newkirk. They finished the LDCSB season as the 2nd member of the winning alliances helping bring STA their first league banner. 


STA 3 - Team Omega

Our 3rd and final senior team consisting of 1 grade 12 and 2 grade 11 students, left to right: Mathew Pilgrim, Team Captain Alex English, and Dilan Ismail. This team advanced into the semi-finals of the LDCSB league as well as qualifying for the round of 16 in our one and only VEX league competition. 

STA 4 - Team Rocket

Named after their love of space and good friend Yuto, our junior team consisted of 4 grade 10 students. Unfortunately two were unable to attend our league championships so pictured here are Andrew Wylie (left) and Team captain Mason Figliomeni (right). Not pictured are William Hooey, and Maddox Miller-Pinheiro. 

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